thu posted: Thu 2018-11-29 05:09:42 tags: n/a
dishwasher emptied
sausage scramble wrap (y)
A cup of coffee ~11? Costco protein bar and a Toast-Chee package for early lunch,
and I feel amazing at 3:45

to-do: tally Dec rent+utils
ID dealerships near Wilson to try to sell the van to
ID realtors near Wilson
scan estate acct statement and eml paralegal

Hard to believe the Butthole Surfers album "Electriclarryland", with the single "Pepper" that put them on the pop/rock radio map, is 22 years old. 1996. Grunge was "in bloom", "alternative" was mainstream.

Last Nerd Nite until February: utility water vs. beermaking; genetic modification with CRISPR and why to make fluorescent pigs; "autobiography"-style Alfred Nobel. Won trivia, partly due to my strong unicorn game.