session 95 posted: Tue 2012-04-03 11:13:53 tags: fitness
Had an ADHD sort of morning and ended up giving any sort of breakfast a miss, other than coffee and vitamins. Had a few slugs of V8 before hitting the gym for session 95 part 1: a couple of sub-optimal Cybex circuits. Checked my PO box (empty) and got an egg+cheese and a big unsweet iced tea. I was never an iced tea fan until this year, but I wanted to cut back on my two-a-day caffeine habit, yet I'm manifestly incapable of driving thru Dunkins without getting a drink. So here we are. It's significantly cheaper than my former usual large-coffee habit too.

The belt I got at Target the other day turns out to be THE PERFECT size, with room for adjustment whether I gain back or lose more weight. Now my shirt doesn't fall out of my newer pants. Having some trouble sourcing Sterilite's 20-qt. "gasket box" though - sears.com and Amazon offer them via third party vendors, but only in 6-packs, and the Sears route is an online-only thing - apparently Sears itself doesn't carry them in stores, so we're talking shipping/handling on top of a $100+ purchase of something I may or may not be happy with in the end.

Gym part 2: 3.3mi / 39m14s. 1mi at 6.3, 1 lap cooldown, 1mi at 6.1, cooldown, lost track but I think I finished with ~.75mi at 6.1.

dinner: a pint of SR and turkey-bacon-cheese lean pockets.