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Advent meditations
Tuesday, December 4, 2018: Psalm 90; 2 Samuel 7:18-29; Revelation 22:12-16

David's prayer beseeches God to keep His promise to sustain Israel as a nation and people under His protection, but by the time of the Roman Empire it came under pagan dominion, and even within a century of the Incarnation, the Great Temple was sacked. The recurring theme of the Bible is the story of God revealing His intentions and expectations for a people He calls His own, promising unending comfort if they honor His righteous ways, releasing them from chastening, only for that people to soon again abandon the way pointed out for them.

Revelation 22 renews the promise, not for Israel but for God's children by adopted through Christ.

I have read it purported baldly but without credible expert evidence, as if there was no question about this, that Patmos where John the Revelator was allegedly exiled was also home to hallucinogenic mushrooms (or that "a number" of psychedelic mushroom species are endemic to the neighboring island Kos, etc.) You don't need drugs to explain Revelations; or else you need drugs or neurotoxins to explain every cryptic, metaphorical, idiomatically symbolic or creatively coded prophecy. After the often bizarre and cryptic imagery earlier in Revelation, we should think carefully about the Gospel teachings of Christ - very Golden Rule-ish - vis-a-vis the return to a purity code ideal.

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Wikipedia: "Iko Iko" provenance and variations
Sugar Boy and His Cane Cutters "Jock-A-Mo" (1953)
Dixie Cups version (1965)
Dr. John (Malcolm John "Mack" Rebennack) version (1972)
Natasha version (1982)
Belle Stars version (1989)
bonus tracks: Grateful Dead; Cyndi Lauper

Also, TIL Richie Castellano, main cog of podcast production "Band Geeks" whose Yes covers I've been digging on Youtube, is a multi-instrumental (guitar, keyboards, vox) wiz who's been in the Blue Öyster Cult lineup since 2003.

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