wed posted: Wed 2018-12-05 06:59:57 tags: recovery
Last night's feature presentation was "Of Mice and Men" (1996, Sinise, Malkovitch). After, I trudged through the scanning and uploading of election forms for the planner, and tallied up expenses for reimbursal. These two efforts had me up til close to 1 and that is NOT an acceptable bedtime, as evidenced by this morning's slow start.

fed LeMew, scooped litter, added some fresh
death cert to bank to close acct properly already
email beneficiaries for consent to pay Miss for cleaning

respond to planner's latest req for more details
email bank stmt to paralegal and get advice on smart compensations

Wed 8pm Al-Anon / Christ the King Lutheran
Recognizing/affirming the love we have; gratitude teaches us to live in the present.
The addict finds their drug dominates their thoughts; the codependent finds the addict (and controlling them) dominates their thoughts.

What does it even mean to "work" the 12 Steps? What does that look like? We learn to forgive - others and self. We learn to admit when we're wrong and make things right if we can. We learn to trust self, detach without rancor from insatiable need and chaos, to let the addict take responsibility for their own illness and recovery as they should and must.