thu posted: Thu 2018-12-06 07:22:29 tags: n/a
Attended my first Al-Anon meeting since moving to NC, at Christ the King Lutheran on Walnut St. last night. The church campus is huge; I only found the meeting room because I happened to cross paths with a veteran attendee on his way in. I had to bring up global warming in the context of why did I migrate from FL, so course if it's close to freezing anywhere in North America in December, then global warming must be fake news, right? smh

Assembled the cat condo when I got home. Not enthused about the fun-fur surface; I would expect a carpet-y material to be more scratchable. Also, the cubby areas seem designed for more kitten-sized cats but the surface heights are not really suited to kitten scale.

1 sausage scramble wrap + 2 cups coffee
eml'ed paralegal re: paying workers and 1st ckg acct stmt
emptied dishwasher
fed LeMew
crystallized wedding ceremony time: 11am
fuelled up at lunchtime
wendy;s jr bacon chzbrgr + 4pc chx nuggets = $3.20ish

A few weeks back Miss was getting (understandably) frustrated with my lack of follow-up with nuptial planning tasks; so she nudged me toward Wunderlist, but it didn't really catch on. Then she shifted to Google Keep and I'm finding that much more usable/engaging. A big part of that is the single sign-on for the gamut of Google services: Drive, Docs, Voice, Keep, Maps etc. Not just for wedding plans, but also a place to jot and prioritize my own financial, housekeeping, and personal agenda items.

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