mon posted: Mon 2018-12-17 10:01:09 tags: n/a
Often I'll be driving and the person ahead will be driving like an overcautious grandmaw, and I say things that I wouldn't say if they could hear. Zero to 11, no gradation. So I kind of worry, if I decline cognitively, will I be a nasty asshole who is cared-for, at best, with professional detachment? Or will I be bewildered but essentially pleasant to deal with. I would hope the latter but the vitriol in the absence of social pressure to filter myself suggests maybe otherwise.

And then sometimes I wake up like I did today, with a song of my own dream-invention fading on my inward ear - "I'm the orphan horseman, I'm the orphan horseman, I'm the orphan horseman, I'm Robin White". Who the heck is Robin White anyway? Are they any relation to Dov Redd? I dunno, but I think it's probably a good sign if my mind is full of music and invention even when I'm sleeping.