Mon - xmas eve posted: Mon 2018-12-24 05:33:43 tags: n/a
The waning gibbous moon was setting at about 50° when I was nearing Gregson Dr. on Rt 64 W.

Got a realtor in to walk-through the house Saturday; within a few hours he had a nibble (albeit for 2/3 of asking price, which was unacceptable), and Sunday we took an offer for as-is sale (no repairs, not even cleaning or lawncare) for less than 5% below asking. So I feel pretty good about how I chose a realtor and I'm satisfied with the money the estate will get out of it.

By Sat. afternoon we had pretty much decided to rework the wedding plans, but Priceline does not make it clear or easy how to get a refund on cancelled plans. If you take the disclaimers on their website at face value, then you just eat a loss if you cancel, but that hardly seems fair or perhaps even legal. So, moving forward, Miss explored travel insurance (waste of money in this case, it only covers cancellation due to injury/illness/death in family/catastrophe) and was eventually able to wrangle a refunded cancellation from the hotel itself.

2 take-aways here: I never heard of the bride and groom financing guest accommodations and then wrangling reimbursements after the fact; the normal process as I always understood it is to shape up a guest list first, then approach hotels for a party block reservation rate, and let guests reserve and pay for their own reservations referencing the group for a rate. And second, I don't care if I save a few bucks, I wouldn't want to do business again through an accumulator site that basically says "no refunds for cancellations". Make a clear cancellation policy part of the requirements for the hotels' inclusion in your accumulator index or gtfo.

* * *

On my way home from a half-day at the office, I turned off onto Summerwinds to look at the houses overlooking the lakes (which Google maps fails to name, although it does name the streams that feed them - Long Branch and Lynn Branch). Exchanged a couple gifts just between ourselves.

Miss's son and his wife ("the kids") arrived in time for a late-ish dinner of beef stroganoff, because of course a Russian agent would serve that. Watched Elf, delivered a haircut.