wed posted: Wed 2018-12-26 07:29:45 tags: n/a
Xmas - breakfast, exchanged gifts, Aquaman, spiral cut ham and fixins, washed dishes til bedtime. Turns out I left green bean casserole on the counter accidentally overnight, which is a shame because Miss put a lot of effort into substituting sauteed onion for French's dried onion crisps for that dish.

My cousin Bill sent me a pic from my childhood, with another cousin "Big John" tickling me. There are cousins John by both my aunts on that side; I would have guessed "Big John" was the Barrett John but the long hair more fits the other John (the one who put it in writing that he wanted nothing to do with my sisters and I ever again). Neither one seems to be into Facebook so I can't delve further there. Shrug.