Tue - New Year's Day posted: Tue 2019-01-01 09:08:06 tags: n/a
Up at 9 for Möet mimosas, eggs, taylor ham, toaster waffles.
Total kitty litter refresh.
Pulled the Xmas decorations trunk out and started gathering paraphernalia to store.
G.Keep was very helpful managing Xmas gifting and plans. Retiring Xmas 2018 list with the Marosys' gift.
Emptied my stocking of loot

Leftover ham, black-eyed peas, salad; killed the Möet bottle
summarized + retired 2011 financial records; started 2019
Tallied Jan household expenses and balanced against hotel refund
check for refunds from hotel cancellation... something's amiss
2019 templates, started budget

Carted heavy litter trash to the compactor
Paid estate atty progress bill