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swept my inbox, but still far from Inbox Zero mainly because Priceline sucks and financial planning

I don't know if Expedia or other aggregator services have easier cancellation policies on hotel reservations, but I do know I won't risk money with Priceline again.

Bank, brokerage and retirement acct statements review

Sudden closure of a Wahlburgers chain location in Raleigh, with reports of bounced paychecks, is big local news lately. Needless to say, when we hear that payables are 6 months behind and more, chronically for years, and the remedy "find investors" has been likewise fruitless for years, and there is no other plan to inject capital... that's bad for morale. Some places, the solution would be to hide that so nobody hears it (until the sheriff padlocks the doors and paychecks bounce). I have to wonder, if the company was structured so that these problems were hide-able, would the captains be hiding it?

So now the solution to the demoralizing cycle of late payments is to hire a part-timer to help take the calls and process the emails... instead of the owners reinvesting in their own company... shrug