fri posted: Fri 2019-01-04 06:37:12 tags: n/a
Googling "best time of year to buy a house", the answer seems to be:
1. Jan
2. Feb
3. Mar
4. Dec

Is there an optimal number of credit cards? Lifehacker says there is a statistical correlation between near-perfect credit (800+) and having about 7 cards. Let's all say it together... "correlation does not imply causation". Without parsing the Equifax and Experian score models myself, I think it's more likely that the model doesn't really care about the particular number of cards, it just lumps total available credit and weighs it against income.

I woke in the middle of the night with intrusive thoughts about this damn Priceline boondoggle. Googling anecdotes about successful cancellations with refund (from the hotel side) and unsuccessful chargebacks... not helpful to my serenity either.