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One of several things Miss did for my "gold" birthday was get me a gift certificate good for 1 introductory glassworking class about 45 minutes away in Pittsboro. Just driving out there and seeing the early stages of land development was kind of interesting. The material was interesting, the techniques were interesting, the different backgrounds of people who came together with enough fascination to spend $180ish? and 12 hours plus travel time on the topic ... were interesting

I made a couple good beginner-level implosions, and a largish swirly marble which came out a bit oval, albeit with a visible crack, and a sharp spot where I didn't melt out the cold seal joint from the second-stage work. The instructor said it might or might not work to bring the whole piece back up to working temperature and melt the fracture out; but for the time you'd spend doing that you may as well just make another with the benefit of more experience.

I imagine the fuel is cheap-ish; oxygen could be cheap if you run O2 concentrators yourself on renewable energy. I don't see any solar way around the propane or similar fuel though. You heat the glass in a pressurized gas flame jet which gives you some pretty fine control over flame shape and temperature. I see no way to juggle photons or blow atmospheric air over superheated coils in a way that would give you similar heating qualities to a combusting propane fuel jet.

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previously-rinsed dishes from all weekend into dishwasher
fed lemew
Toast-chee: 5g / 220 kcal; Costco pr.bar: 21g / 190 kcal

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to-do today: accounts register update; IRA and annuity claims; pet food resupply;

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If you're a subcontractor of a service management company with hundreds of other subcontractors, and you call the accounts payable department that cuts hundreds of checks a day and give them a lecture about your state's "practices and guidelines"... guess what, your check isn't going to reach you any faster. If you can be bothered to make a 2-minute phone call or crank out a quick email, and be organized about knowing when you're supposed to get paid? Then you'll get paid on time instead of getting all torqued up at them because you waited 60+ days to follow-up. Don't think of it as "collections" or "chasing" or "begging", just think of it as "normal business communications where money is involved". If it makes you anxious or mad to have to tell people that payment is due, then you probably shouldn't be your own receivables point-man. And maybe that means you shouldn't be a SBO at all.

With all that in mind, it does make me mad to be on the receiving end of these pointless smarmy lectures, and it does make me mad to be in the position of having to soft-pedal the embarrassing fact of a cashflow slump, so I probably shouldn't be a payables clerk. Or at least not in this company. Which, come to think, wasn't part of my understanding of the job in the first place. There's been some job-description creepage.