wed posted: Wed 2019-01-09 06:57:24 tags: n/a
"Stressed" is a bad way to start the day... my stomach is in knots and I could barely sleep worrying about having to fight Priceline for a refund, when the hotel has cheerfully done their part. Also, when the heck will I find time to sell the Transit? I've had it in mind that I'll get close to "blue-book" value for it but maybe I should prepare myself more to accept "fire sale" value because I am not interested in listing it on CarBuyer.com, and I need to get it off the property sooner than later so the house can sell, and it's going to be a hassle for the buying dealership to get the title transferred from the registered state.

Keeping busy at Work is somewhat helping to push it from the forefront of my mind. Blogging is not, of course. But work is also a source of stress that's becoming increasingly intolerable. My gut also clenches every time the phone rings, because negative bias ruins the 4 out of 5 calls where the inquiring vendor is pleasant.

Cashing the investment instruments will go a long way toward settling my nerves.