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clean dishwasher emptied
dirty dishes rinsed, sent to dishwasher
shredding shredded
lottery tix scanned
litter genie emptied
glass class day 1 pix posted
CA: General Krystalia beefed up to L20; swapped in to Tora's tertiary spot in Katherine's alliance

W2 #3 rcvd... awaiting W2s from The Good Job and the staffing agency
A Priceline agent called once in the morning to repeat the details of the refund resolution I'd requested, and tried to sneak in a leading question almost certainly calculated to get the customer to say the customer cancelled the reservation; I responded "Um, well, the hotel did cancel the reservation". Which they did, on the basis of the syntactic logic that the hotel is the entity responsible for all operations on the reservation record, whether those operations are at the guest's request or not. So, they concluded that call with the promise to call back when the refund was lined up and ready to fly, which they did, and it did according to their simultaneous emails.

They were pretty intentional about spelling out that we'd dodged policy in a way due to "extenuating circumstances" (i.e. we'd relocated wedding plans in response to the hotel's cancellation). Moral of the story... avoid Priceline if you can't afford to surrender the cost of a hotel stay for any reasons less grave than death of a family member or personal medical emergency. You may pay more by booking directly, but I'd consider that insurance that you'll get your money back easily if your plans happen to change. The pricier the reservation, the more you stand to lose.

to do:
trash to compactor
Find and image ring receipt for j.insurance
4:30 conf call w/f.planner

Got a form to sign about PTO policy. What jumped out at me was, if you use more PTO than accrued and exit before it accrues, then you owe it back... but if you exit with accrued and unused PTO, it goes unpaid, effectively "taken back" by the employer. Probably very standard/typical, still feels unfair/shitty.