wed posted: Wed 2019-01-16 14:54:36 tags: n/a
Frosty morning. The Kia started fine once, but after I stopped by the leasing office, it wouldn't turn over... It recovered enough to start again once by the time AAA arrived, and then it wouldn't turn over again for a capacity test. I should have called Costco BEFORE I sent AAA away with their truckbed full of batteries, because if I knew Costco didn't have a replacement in stock, then I think I would taken a AAA battery, with a longer warranty than the 2-year one I got at Advance.

4 new Century tires, and Mr. Soul should pass reinspection. Now I just need the tint stripped from the Fiat and that should be ready for reinspection too.

Compare Foods / Apex does normally carry diet Materva but stock is low since the holiday season? Tried diet Guarana Antarctica instead and it's reasonably tasty, not sure how much stimulant punch it packs compared to yerba mate. Will circle back in a couple weeks maybe.