fri posted: Fri 2019-01-18 15:00:30 tags: n/a
Didn't realize until this morning when I tracked down the failed-inspection report that there was an Onboard Diagnostic Connection failure that could potentially be masking an emissions system failure. Assuming the worst, I took it to the Hendrick Fiat dealership and they were able to pass it, and suggested the failure was CBA's diagnostic equipment. In the mechanic world, who do you trust? Did the stealership jigger the test? Whatever the case, it has an all-pass inspection record for now and I can go ahead and pay for registration renewal. But I learned it's nearing the end of the federal 8 year / 80K mi mandatory catalytic converter warranty so maybe next fall I should look into trading it in for something newer.

My mentor and wingperson resigned on very short notice today. I'll miss her humor and team spirit.