sat posted: Sat 2019-01-19 06:12:25 tags: n/a
Paid car registration and insurance without a hitch last night
up at 7:15
fed the mew, rinsed dishes, packed dishwasher
paid washer/dryer rental
ate Miss's nice breakfast of eggs, taylor ham and rye muffin
rinsed moar dishas, ran dishwashar
put away all my clean clothes
scrubbed the commode
emptied the Litter Genie

Called AAA about a rate on towing the van from Wilson to Glenwood Ave Raleigh Carmax. I declined to be tracked by cell twoer, so I think based on my cellphone area code they routed me to the old AAA egional club? which promised a free 50-mile tow and the agent even basically said she was falsifying the reason for the tow. So when we got to Wilson and I called back to fulfill the service ticket, I got the local regional club and of course they said "well no, the vehicle has to be street legal and there has to be some reason it's immobilized, not that you just want to sell it and can't be bothered to register and insure it". Fair enough. They recommended a tow contact that then proceeded to quote $425 plus tax. The tow driver arrived and Miss got him to make an offer. and long story short, his company ended up offering a bit better than bottom dollar, and also saved us the $425 plus tax on a tow. So I feel pretty OK about what we got for it.

Raleigh Costco to fuel up the Soul
Farmer's Market for eggs, ended up with a supply of horseradish goat cheese as well
Home for the leftover beef stroganoff before we killed an ate each other
No Country for Old Men and leftover pizza