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trash + recycling out
notarize and express-mail lien waivers and stuff
empty dishwasher
apply Fiat lic plate registration sticker... phillips screwdriver needed

AllRecipes: make frz shrimp taste way better
tl;dr in case AllRecipes realizes their weird subdomain scheme is dumb...
Thaw shrimp in strainer; brown on "high, high" heat until shrimp releases juices; let sit 1 minute w/o stirring; stir (or flip) quickly, cook another minute, rmv with slotted spoon and use juices 1:1 in place of water or wine in whatever sauce you're making for your shrimp dish. The article doesn't say "brown" but that's what you're doing to bring out the shrimp flavor, duh. Also making sure it's cooked through because the flesh will tighten up and be unable to hold all the liquid, but some of the flavor will be retained in the released juices.