sun posted: Sun 2019-01-27 19:44:46 tags: n/a
10AM combined Laity Sunday service at Covenant. Determined there is currently no fellowship hall suitable for a medium wedding reception. You could clear the folding chairs in the sanctuary for a cocktail hour and dinner event, but the floor would not work for dancing.

Trader Joe's
trash to compactor
paid some attention to email and filing piling up
PetSmart for litter genie liners... 9.50ish per pack for a 4-pack. If the unit came with a full liner refill rather than a minimal "starter", then we're paying over $1 per change for the convenience of the Genie. It does seem a whole lot more sanitary than just scooping into the kitchen trash or having a separate open trashbin, so I'm OK with that expense.

HT for tortillas for breakfast wraps, and apple cider vinegar for pickle-y veggies