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Our emergency gear and supplies are pretty well-rounded, but inventory/organization and date labeling could be improved.

Remember that feeling at The Bad Job circa 1997-8, when every other call was an irate "affiliate" pursuing a refund? How the thought of a day covering the phones made you feel trapped and nauseous? Yep, it's that time

Fed Le Mew; she's not as enthused about beef pate as she was with salmon or salmon/trout. Which is fine, I suppose; if we humans should be eating further down the food chain for compassionate reasons, then our pets should certainly be fed on fish protein too. And maybe here's where dogs ARE "better than" cats: cats kill for fun, an outdoor housecat may kill a ton of small wildlife without eating any of it. And unlike dogs they are not omnivore scavengers by evolutionary design, they are strict carnivores. When cats crunch huseplants, it's more out of boredom or curiosity, and they may learn to eat grass to provoke vomiting because they throw up hairballs and mouse bones by design. But bottom line, they get along fine with no vegetation in their diet, and become malnourished without carnivore food.

Breakfast wrap cookery is 2 days overdue

8pm Al Anon at Christ the King Lutheran. "Normally" the 5th meeting of the month is a "speaker meeting", but there was no chair signed up and no speaker, so the chair pro tempore made the topic "what Al Anon means to me". I suspect this schedule guideline rarely holds up in practice; this meeting is pretty moribund compared to the ones I attended in SoFla. Probably the best group I remember there was the Sat morning at Advent Lutheran on Lantana Rd. There is a 9:30 Sat morning group here at the Triangle Alano bay on High House Rd. Am I excited about getting up at 8 on Saturdays to go to meetings? Not really. Do I anticipate resistance from Miss? Yes, I do. But does it do me any good to sit awkwardly staring at my toes while long-winded dinosaurs with decades in the program ponderously recycle their stories? Mmm, nope.