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Time: on chronic lateness

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I thought about the right-wing push to deregulate, well, pretty much everything, and what that means in an age where nuclear waste or chemical waste may remain a hazard for hundreds of thousands of years - and you can't just pack it up and ship it to the sun, because what if that launch fails like Challenger or Columbia? So then what's the most geologically stable AND global-melt-proof place on Earth to stash this stuff until we figure out how to translate it back to something safe? The general answer is "somewhere on a continental craton", where craton is a nee vocabulary word for me today, the stable interior of a large old tectonic plate. Candidates include eastern Canada, Brazil, eastern Europe/Russia, much of Africa, the middle of the Indian subcontinent. Of these, Canada is known for its political stability only if 400 years seems like a long time, and you ignore ice ages and glaciation.

The other thing I thought this morning was about the explosive friction Saturday morning and my lack of a reality-checking network, much less an emotional support network. And the thoughts I'd had about the intractability of my punctuality struggles. So I think it's about time to find a therapist to consult here.

breakfast: leftovers from brunch at Tupelo Honey yesterday: sweet potato pancakes (not sure how they're different from regular pancakes, really), half an apple sausage, a couple bites of fried chx.

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