wed posted: Wed 2019-02-06 16:31:33 tags: n/a
Finally connected with the general manager at the auto services place that was going to tow and then ended up buying the van, for an explanation of why the refunds for the cancelled tow order did not add up to the original charge. The explanation was as I expected, a nonrefundable tow hook-up fee. Or service call fee, doesn't really matter what you call it. The difference was not unreasonable - I know a tow truck and operator is a significant chunk of capital to gear up and send out - but of course I need to be able to document the expense to the estate. They cheerfully agreed to email me an invoice that shows how payment was applied. And now we wait some more.

Updated financials spreadsheet with Jan statements

A few years back I was trying to get a better handle on my self-discipline, exercise and whatnot, and I tried a spreadsheet-based "gold star chart" habit-builder tool. Maybe I tried too much change at one time, maybe I didn't reward myself enough. Whatever the case, it fell into disuse within a few months. But I want to believe it's useful, maybe I just need to accept some limitations - focus it more, be more generous with self-rewards.