thu posted: Thu 2019-02-21 16:22:49 tags: n/a
vitamin + coffee
fed Le Mew

This morning, because our phone menu system was rearranged but every request to add a message to that effect has been stonewalled... my dept fielded a call for Operations and when I asked (as I've been told it's rude to my coworkers NOT to ask) for a file number or address to help identify the order to the eventual call recipient, the caller yelled at me for "making things difficult". ohhhkay there ragey mcragerson, go have a nice juicebox and get your blankey and have a bongrip and call back when you're ready to behave like a grown-up

is what I wanted to say
but of course I didn't

I may be quickwitted but it's all about context, and on the clock I'm not mentally geared for sassy. Which may be the saddest thing about this job.

Lunchtime: tom yum and shrimp scampi leftovers
tracked down estate chkg stmts to glom together into 1 continuous register spreadsheet