sat posted: Sat 2019-02-23 09:22:43 tags: n/a
Thurday I fueled up the Fiat for 10.248 gallons, which is cutting it pretty close on a 10.5 gallon tank. But mileage was something like 272 miles, or 26.5 mpg. So I sure can't complain about fuel economy even with my "sport mode" addiction.

Rinsed last night's dishes and ran dishwasher
Xscribed estate chkg register to spreadsheet with more detail/explanation than bank portal gives
Locates dishwasher filter and cleaned it

Packetize backups docs with each month's estate chkg stmt

Cookie Clicker: spawned a Juicy Queenbeet after some days of trying. Got a little excited when I realized they can be harvested at maturity for a sugar lump; but then I learned they are uniquely flagged "not plantable" in the game code. So even once you unlock the seed for the "all seeds" achievement, you're not exactly turbocharging your sugar lump production toward leveling up building types. And all the queenbeets reduce cookies-per-second and by extension, prestige point accumulation, so it seems the community consensus is - don't bother chasing juicy queenbeet mass production, the minimal extra sugar lumps and sheer time/attention required aren't worth the cookies-per-second drain.