wed posted: Wed 2019-02-27 15:05:16 tags: n/a
Tucker House tour didn't really wow us. Will view Borden House next week. Not enthused about moving our date to a Saturday, especially not if it shifts the date to a different weekend altogether. So I'm personally leaning more in the Caffe Luna direction.

Funded Miss's Roth IRA, now I just need to verify an investment that won't get slapped with a trade fee. Should be some number of free EFT trades, or 60 days commission-free, but I need confirmation.

For all my kvetching about the importance of a regular bedtime that allows AT LEAST a full 8 hours sleep, Sunday night I was up late blogging or something, I don't even remember what now, just know it was nothing important enough to lose sleep over. While I'm meditating on good habits, I was also supposed to take just an hour every other Sunday to whip up 10 breakfast burritos. Miss was so proactive about it when it was her turn and I've totally dropped the ball.

Up late again Tue night but I got a lot of estate work done. Parceled bank statements and supporting documentation by statement period, reimbursed out-of-pocket expenses, prepped docs for inventory filing. There may be one further income item (prorata refund of homeowner insurance paid a month before sale), and tax filing is on my radar but that should be pretty negligible.