thu posted: Thu 2019-02-28 05:29:23 tags: n/a
Yesterday: notarized inventory sent to the attorney's office; litter genie emptied; watched Leap of Faith (1992). Miss posed the question after the credits finished rolling, "what's your take on that movie". Well, it's a movie, and like many Steve Martin movies it's a bit of a leap to believe some of the pacing, logistics etc. This morning I see Wikipedia explicitly refers to Boyd's disability as "psychosomatic", and maybe the movie implied that too? Was there a scene where Marva says something like "the doctors couldn't explain" Boyd's dependence on crutches?

But not knowing all that at that moment, I assumed Miss's question was pointed at Boyd's "miraculous" recovery. I responded, I don't know, the skeptic finds one meaning and the believer finds another; it reminded me of my own one encounter something that I couldn't explain (the shining apparition of the cross in the chapel). I thought I mentioned it to Miss once before but maybe not.

A few nights ago we watched The Blues Brothers (1980), which was fun and surreal and maybe a little choppy despite an apparently huge budget for aerial shots, car wrecks and helicopters.