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watered Zena
forwarded my cousin's email in response to a gift from Dad's estate
cut checks for partial estate distribution

During the week, Miss sent me this article, TheAtlantic: (theReligion of) Workism is Making Americans Miserable.

9am service at Covenant. It's "Transfiguration Sunday" but the sermon rested on John 4 where Jesus promises "living water" to the Samaritan woman. The story draws on principles of ministering to the needs of people who believe differently, not just "inreach" to those who already proclaim Christ and adhere to whatever "law" we think sets us apart from the heathens. Whenever I hear a sermon about being the hands, feet, heart of God in the world, I get frustrated by the complexities of overcoming "engineered scarcity" in an even-handed way - a system that meets basic needs of all, while encouraging and proportionally rewarding effort and investment in self and community.

One of the slipperiest needs to meet is social needs. Miss and I are both suffering a lack of face-to-face social contact. We have each other, and we have work, once a month we have Nerd Nite and once a week now we have church; but in a year here we've "entertained" only 4 times: the kids twice, Lisa once, and Fr. Craig and Addie.

So what does a social-networking ministry look like? Potlucks, progressive dinners, parlor groups, Bible studies and book clubs?