wed posted: Wed 2019-03-06 13:27:17 tags: n/a
Averaging 7m on my refreshed time issues
Fed LeMew, rinsed last night's dishes
Fully funded 2019 Roth IRA for myself

To do: fund Miss's 2019 IRA contribution and pick an investment
identify, tally and fund payoff of highest-rate student loans

So it turns out my W2 from The Good Job never arrived by mail, because whoever updated my mailing address totally bungled it: changed the street address but left the Boynton Beach apt# in address line 2, but the killer was that they transposed the last 2 digits of the ZIP so the payroll company's validation sent it to Rocky Mount, NC. Not even my city, obviously. Got a PDF image by email today after a series of nudges by email and phone.