thu posted: Thu 2019-03-07 05:20:45 tags: n/a
I had assumed a replacement AC power cord for the inherited lappy would be pricey, but on a whim I perused Amazon and found one for $16. Leery of doorstep delivery since my wrangle over a VDay gift, I decided to give the Amazon Locker concept a try.

Updated LeMew's chip info (name and rabies tag #) in HomeAgain.com
paid fon, elec, buyer club credit card

Started watching Red (2009? Bruce Willis) Tuesday evening. We both fell asleep.

Toured Borden House last night, stopped in a Whole Foods for a loaf of sourdough bread, took it to Good Shepherd UCC for Ash Wednesday soup supper. Renee, Robin, Jeff, Linda(?), Margaret.

If you go jogging every day, and once or twice a week you encounter a dog bomb, well, that comes with the territory... but if every day, the whole time you're running, you're dodging shit? then your route has a bona fide shit problem. If you don't even want to jog anymore because the shit is ruining it for you, then you need to change routes.