fri posted: Fri 2019-03-08 15:01:55 tags: n/a
Example of what I mean when I worry about cognitive decline and losing the "filter" between thought and word - I get to my desk and see a note I jotted to myself to pay a particular vendor, and as it jogs my memory, my internal monologue goes "ohhhh, that f***in jerk". Why is he a jerk? He's not, he's just a guy who called in to prompt for payment due and he was fairly pleasant about it.

The Han-Dee Hugo's gas station at the entrance to Gregson finally opened. Lifesaver this morning because I was running on fumes and genuinely not sure I would make it the extra 3 miles to Costco to fuel-up. Good thing I got ready and out a few minutes early, I got ~2 gallons (at $2.25/g) and still made it to my desk by 9.

Dept meeting today declared phones and email an "emergency". I've known that for well over a month. The upshot is "no dropping out of the dept phone pool without permission", which some people apparently heard as "it's OK as long as you just declare unilaterally"