sun posted: Sun 2019-03-10 08:34:35 tags: gaming
DST began
Kodiak high-protein pancakes with blueberries added
Broke Windows 10 trying to decruft and optimize the estate laptop
Roadmapped IRA contributions and highest-interest student loan payoffs

Cookie Clicker garden: There was an update mid-week that gave us some new cookies and heavenly chip upgrades. The new cookies speed my game up a little. Won't know about the HC upgrades until I clock another ascension, and I'm trudging through the 333 billion prestige for the sugar crystal cookie upgrades ("maybe cookies", "not cookies", "pastries") before my next ascension. So anyway, after I unlocked Juicy Queenbeet seeds a couple weeks ago, I let the game idle mostly except to plow through (get it?) a few fields of thumbcorn to get the "Tired Aching Green Thumb" (1000 mature plants harvested) achievement. Today I decided to aim for Everdaisy. The optimal pattern seems to be: a row of Elderwort, an empty row, a row of Tidygrass, another empty, another Elderwort. Elderwort takes something like 8 hours to mature, but once it does, it's "immortal" - it won't decay and can't be overtaken by weeds.