thu posted: Thu 2019-03-21 05:10:44 tags: n/a
rinse dishes to washer
return Mary Poppins Returns. Mediocre, slow, doubtfully appealing to kids of any age
pay internet and electric bills
toss MoveOn a bone
replenished CBD supply; dindins at Chili's

find HO ins bill to eml Heather or Jana re: prorata rfnd
gather decedent tax docs

Cookie Clicker: I think I got a bit lucky with unlocking Green Yeast Digestives on Tuesday, and Bakeberry Cookies and Wheat Slims were quick to follow yesterday. Lining up seeds to unlock for the remaining garden random drops: shimmerlily to elderwort for elderwort cookies, queenbeet to duketater for duketater cookies, drowsyfern for fern tea, crumbspore to ichorpuff for ichor syrup.