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Documents supplied for homeowner ins rfnd
Atty payment sent
Fold and stow all the clean laundry
scan and file estate chkg stmt and supporting docs

On 3/9 I slapped together a Lent cover image with a modest translation of Galatians 5:14, the gist of which is - who keeps the command "love thy neighbor" has fulfilled the whole Law. This was something that had been on my mind since the exchange with my right-wing-nut Randroid (as in "helping is futile") cousin over the monochrome vilification of all Democrats as baby-eating monsters because abortion politics. So anyway, I posted my cover image and moved on, but in the back of my mind I felt like the Bible had more to say about withholding grace from the needy while freely throwing shade over politicized judgmentalism, and this OpenBible page has a few things to say about all sins being equal in God's eyes.

From school age on, we hear a lot of mixed messages about "being yourself" even as parents, teachers and peers pressure us to change. "Just be yourself" is terrible advice if one's "self" is dysfunctional. There's a healthy middle road between self-loathing and withdrawal, and alienating people by ignoring or rejecting social cues.

A week or two ago we had a department meeting, and one of the talking points was "we take service vere srsly so anyone not in the call queue better have explicit permission". (And then a day or two later, one of my "team" posted on department chat that they were removing themself from the call queue to work on something, which is not quite the same as "permission" the way I see it... but I digress.) So the kicker is, when pressed for a subcontractor budget yesterday, the controller said "only pay people who call in, don't respond to email inquiries". And we grunts said "well OK, the part-timer will be in tomorrow and she can process payment inquiry emails"... but then today the CFO repeated the "phone only" order, so of course people who got no response to their "hey what's up with my late payment" emails yesterday, called in today. We ENCOURAGE vendors to email instead of tying up a phone call. Ignoring emails makes a lie of the oft-repeated assurance that "email is the cleanest way to get our attention and expedite payment". It practically ensures that some portion of the phone calls we do get will be irate vendors. How do you respond to "I emailed like you said, and got no response"? Tell the truth, my boss told me to IGNORE email payment demands? Or lie? There may be some magic figure for which I will happily lie all day long, but what they're paying me is definitely not that magic figure. And we see that the vere srsness of service is disposable if it means the owners having to actually invest themselves any deeper in honoring their debts to subcontractors. Lest we forget, this is a condition that has been business-as-usual for years now while the owners lease their Maseratis, Land Rovers, and Beemers.