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Sermon: "Love the sinner, hate the sin" is not something Christ ever said. Ergo: love the neighbor, and judge not the sin lest ye be judged.

There are certainly ideas to explore about how we're to walk in Christ's footsteps when we see predation and abuse. We don't just stand by and say "well judgment is God's prerogative, not mine" when we see (for example) a child molester grooming a victim, or a fascist inciting violence towards minorities.

Miss posed a complicated "edge condition" case: if you know someone is cheating on their spouse, do you keep silent, call them out before the wider community, inform and offer support to the victim privately? Christ's response to the moneychangers in the Temple can only be characterized as anger, and He forcefully and scathingly condemned the Pharisees. We have a model of righteous opposition. But then, we also have a distinct and separate legal system that obliges us to render aid and report criminal dangers. And we have the Golden Rule which predates Christianity, taught by Confucius long before Hillel, and merely amplified by Christ: "do unto others as ye would be done by". If my spouse was cheating, then I'd want someone to warn me.

Years ago I had this conversation with Dad, I mentioned someone who had cheated on their spouse and he opined that the cheater should have kept it a secret from the spouse. I find it hard to believe Dad himself would sincerely have rather not known if Mom or Karen had cheated on him though. I think his stance was more from the toxic masculine privilege double standard basis. In Dad's worldview, men were fundamentally more entitled, not just to sex, but to impulsive sexual license. The MAN should have spared the WOMAN's feels, because boys will be boys and male entitlement to sexual impulse trumps female entitlement to transparency.

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