sat posted: Sat 2019-03-30 06:43:50 tags: n/a
2nd highest-rate student loan SLAIN []++++||=======>
next victim: Miss's car loan

rent paid
Apr household expenses tallied and negotiated
dishwasher ran
credit account statement balances paid
Castle Age: favor points make me happy; Gen. Annika unlocked to L80
Cookie Clicker: a duketater is growing here
emptied dishwasher
quick vacuumed around kitchen, front entry and laundry rm
fon paid too because hey why not
refilled hummer feeder

I was thinking about how Miss and I could better review things like financial or activity spreadsheets together, and the term "Chromecast" sprang to mind. I knew next to nothing about what the term even means until I googled it today: a $35 device, powered by USB and connected to your wireless home LAN, which feeds signal from a client device (e.g. smartphone, tablet or laptop) to the TV's HDMI port. You can cast from "chromecast enabled apps", including the Chrome browser on Windows.

So then I said, well, our TV is not very spacious or hi-rez for that, so what would a TV upgrade path look like. Optimal TV viewing distance is 1.6x the unit's diagonal measure, e.g. if you're seated 100" away then your optimal screen size is (100/1.6) = 62.5". 65" is a not-unusual measure, and the price-point for new units at, say, Costco is ~$650. Our TV is 32", which is "adequate" but not exactly "immersive".

The flip side of that train of thought is - my time clocked watching movies on TV has soared tremendously since shacking up with Miss. Not that what I was doing previously (laid out prone, blogging or surfing or playing SMAC/AXF), was any healthier. At least I can say I'm expanding my entertainment literacy with classics like "Much Ado About Nothing", or "The Great Escape". But I digress - an investment in a bigger faster TV is fundamentally an investment in possibly the least physically-healthy habit in my lifestyle. I can't justify spending $700 (TV+Chromecast widget) just to be able to review a spreadsheet together.

I like the reclining couch but the center console design physically separates us. When we have a house I think we're both thinking toward a sectional design where we can spoon upright in the corner. What do we do with the recliner sofa? Sell it?