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Feeling overwhelmed with anni vacation planning, estate settlement tasks e.g. taxes, career move groundwork, evaluating and committing to new benefits plans, etc.

I feel like there is such a flurry of documents to manage and tie to events or responsibilities, and the amount of folders and folios feels unmanageable: a folder for the wedding because Miss's divorce certificate will be important. A folder for the new hosting account. Or do I really just need a text file somewhere? Do I really even need that much? A calendar note or to-do list item dated out to 3 years or however far ahead my prepaid plan expires? So many folders that I need a summary index?

Responded to my former co-worker's interest in attending the wedding

NYT by way of LinkedIn: Time management isn't the solution, but it might be the problem

Journal of Positive Psychology (ahem) - Intellectual humility correlates with knowledge acquisition
Or as Socrates observed, "the beginning of wisdom is in knowing that you know nothing". Miss quipped "is this article about you?" I was reminded of my housing-challenged friend Mr. Gormley who could come off as a bit of a know-it-all, but simply put high value on "being a learn-it-all".

Sunday's pastoral message concerned "God won't give you more than you can handle", and I think that was supposed to tie in somehow to "the power of testimony". And it's great that the guest speakers felt so cared-for in their times of trial but you know what... the story of feeling the support of community does not belong to the Church alone. It feels sort of unsatisfying, because the story being told involves some Christians, but it is not a uniquely Christian story. And OK, our stories don't always have to be "uniquely" Christian; our stories can celebrate values that we happen to share with other faiths or moral foundations without betraying anything. But if we are to witness to nonbelievers, we should be armed with something a little more compelling than "the arrow of time implies an ultimate cause, oh and plus me and a friend saw this inexplicable shining apparition of the Cross one time".

Getting back to "God won't give you more than you can handle", Christ Himself promises "my yoke is easy and my burden is light". What can we make of that? Does it mean that IF it's difficult or heavy, THEN it's not from God? How do you reconcile that with "take up thy cross"? Dying to self is not easy or light.