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Take-out because we just can't even is creeping up as a significant budget item.

Openly gay South Bend, IN mayor to "the Mike Pences of the world": "if you have a problem with who I am, your quarrel is with my Creator"
The article quotes one attendee as equating Democrat voters with atheists. And while it is important to push back against the regressive narrative that you can have a relationship with God or a relationship with a same-sex partner, but not both - I think Buttigieg's example can and should be more generalized: that many of the people who champion progressive values do so because the Bible elevates The Golden Rule above the ancient mishmash of Torah purity. A thorough and critical reading of the Old Testament tells us the sin of Sodom wasn't sincerely loving same-sex partnerships, but a wider pattern of predation and abuse of the vulnerable - particularly the poor. But that observation doesn't serve teh patriarchy, so they have to distort and decontextualize.

In my spotty alignment with recovery community and literature, I often forget the clarity of the Serenity Prayer.