off-day exercise posted: Thu 2011-09-08 14:36:46 tags: fitness
10 one-legged calf raises, each side. I think I need to back off and just do more sets of regular (two-foot) calf raises.
2 sets / 10 squats
10 crunches; + 8 "bicycle" crunches, each side
4 abortive normal pushups (incomplete motion), 8 "3/4" pushups from the knee

intermission: finished sorting that big box o' receipts

10 regular calf raises
2 sets / 10 squats
20 wall pushups with close attention to really good form - even proper "3/4" pushups were taxing me too hard to show good form.
10 regular crunches + 8 bicycle crunches each side

I find myself locking my knees a lot in calf raises and at the top of squats.