daylog posted: Wed 2014-02-12 07:04:06 tags: daylogs, dreams
The On-cor breaded chicken in tomato sauce thing was about 1200 kcal, the egg+chz was 460 kcal, a generous glass of wine was maybe 200 kcal, pretzels who-the-eff-knows because I don't believe they pack 80 kcal each. Berserking on the chx dish left me uncomfortably full and between that and the wine I fell asleep very early again, reading (of all the things I could be reading) a free Bookbub deal, "Kick your Fat in the Nuts".

Key points thus far:
- The medical profession mostly ignores nutrition and etiological treatments in favor of pharmacological symptom suppression, because the practice of medicine is a product of the pharma industry, which has by way of the lobbying industry bought a controlling chunk of legislative and research processes to ensure the disproportional profitability of its products. (q.v. yesterday's links.)

2 images stand out from my dream - somebody had a smallish polar bear on a leash, which is a still a pretty big and dangerous pet. And I was doing some kind of rock-climbing/flying Spider-man thing around a craggy theme park where two of the trails led to open beer pools. One was Sam Adams, and my dreaming mind decided it should be sweet and a bit citric when I scooped it up with the ladle at the end of my rock-climbing tool. I woke before I reached the other pool, probably got sidetracked en route.

First coffee, berry newtonish bar thingie, vitamins, a couple cold chx tenderloins slapped on whole wheat and call it a sandwich. I'm not going to say a sealed container of cooked chx tenderloins smells "bad" but boy it sure does smell "strong". Not what I expect of chicken. Weird. More about these publix berry-newtonish snack bar things - they are basically the size of 2 Fig Newton cookies and probably about as nutritious, 8 individually sealed serving-size packs per $2.75ish box, call it 34 cents apiece. Not bad when you look at it that way, I guess, and I got them on sale 2-for-1.

Cloud backup. Bible study.

Take-away #2 from Kick Your Fat In The Nuts: The presence of glucose triggers insulin flow, insulin signals the body to lock up fat storage because there's glucose to burn... but insulin spikes last longer than the glucose they respond to, so on the far side of the spike you're out of glucose and feeling sleepy and/or hungry because the insulin is still hanging around blocking fat release. Hence the mid-morning crash from high-carb breakfasts or the rush-and-crash from any sugar binge.

Hale doesn't come out and say it here, but this just reaffirms the Atkins low-carb, high-protein/fat/greens diet. Hale would probably throw in the caveat to rule out bacon, hot dogs and similar high-preservative foods as well. Whatever that case, though, it sure does call the Food Pyramid, with its grain foundation, into question.