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sat posted: Sat 2018-08-18 08:19:32 tags: n/a
drill the birdbath and pepper planter
lottery tix
fri posted: Fri 2018-08-17 06:57:29 tags: n/a
Nerd Nite at King's last night: "thinking about thinking" - sensation and action as the "language of thought"; water flow and attractor modeling as metaphors for cognition. Central NC mammal wildlife distribution - urban, suburban, exurban, wild. What is ham radio and why do people do it? Ommegang Pale Sour. Youtube's "mix" rabbit holes haven't turned up leads on That Song. I listened to a lot of J.Geils Band songs before I decided, nah that's not really their sound so much. They had a few hits that d... (...more)
wed posted: Wed 2018-08-15 12:08:10 tags: n/a
Operation Happy Birthday was a solid success
Operation Crank Up Credit Rating made a good step forward
Miss's last day on temp assignment 1

mon posted: Mon 2018-08-13 06:25:02 tags: n/a
Gray dreary morning, but at least it's not snowy/icy?

Paid car payment

That mystery song... Oingo Boingo has a similar sound, so does Golden Earring and The Fixx. Listening to Youtube's "mix" derived from The Smithereen's "A Girl Like You" to see if it shakes out. Loverboy and J.Geils Band also have that kind of sound.

sat posted: Sat 2018-08-11 15:49:59 tags: n/a
Started teh day with a lil' light cardio at 7:30 breakfast at Egg + I Target for a cast iron skillet pedalboating at Lake Crabtree County Park was a bit spidery but fun nonetheless fuel-up NC Museum of Art walk down to and around the sunflower field grocery run naps for some leftover City BBQ for dindins with a Big Boss Brewing Co. Hell's Belle Nautilus, by way of Mensa Bulletin: "there is no such thing as unconscious thought" I don't trust the author's oversimplification of the neural-net... (...more)