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fri posted: Fri 2018-12-07 06:26:07 tags: recipes
Scheduled to make shrimp scampi last night. I searched the "recipes" tag to find my previously-used recipe, and then I saw another entry mention shrimp so I looked at that and it called for a whole tsp of red pepper flakes and I noted that a few shakes of chili powder on top of that was nice and spicy but not unbearable, and on some level I noticed this second recipe was fra diavolo - not scampi - but it did NOT register that proportions might have been different... so we ended up with some pretty spicy sc... (...more)
thu posted: Thu 2018-12-06 07:22:29 tags: n/a
Attended my first Al-Anon meeting since moving to NC, at Christ the King Lutheran on Walnut St. last night. The church campus is huge; I only found the meeting room because I happened to cross paths with a veteran attendee on his way in. I had to bring up global warming in the context of why did I migrate from FL, so course if it's close to freezing anywhere in North America in December, then global warming must be fake news, right? smh Assembled the cat condo when I got home. Not enthused about the fun... (...more)
long thoughts posted: Wed 2018-12-05 13:59:17 tags: n/a
I've had some thoughts brewing for a while now about working in a workplace that fears transparency. "The KIND of workplace", if I may. This was something I never really encountered until I moved to FL and took a temp job for a data-entry project with As the data entry aspect neared completion, I took over more technical and production work while the office "manager" spiraled down in some kind of addiction. Sometimes from the right-wing liars we hear Social Security decried as a... (...more)
wed posted: Wed 2018-12-05 06:59:57 tags: n/a
Last night's feature presentation was "Of Mice and Men" (1996, Sinise, Malkovitch). After, I trudged through the scanning and uploading of election forms for the planner, and tallied up expenses for reimbursal. These two efforts had me up til close to 1 and that is NOT an acceptable bedtime, as evidenced by this morning's slow start. vitamin fed LeMew, scooped litter, added some fresh death cert to bank to close acct properly already email beneficiaries for consent to pay Miss for cleaning res... (...more)
tue - Iko Iko posted: Tue 2018-12-04 05:21:06 tags: music
Advent meditations Tuesday, December 4, 2018: Psalm 90; 2 Samuel 7:18-29; Revelation 22:12-16 David's prayer beseeches God to keep His promise to sustain Israel as a nation and people under His protection, but by the time of the Roman Empire it came under pagan dominion, and even within a century of the Incarnation, the Great Temple was sacked. The recurring theme of the Bible is the story of God revealing His intentions and expectations for a people He calls His own, promising unending comfort if they... (...more)