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wed posted: Wed 2018-02-07 04:55:54 tags: n/a
Got our walkies on for ~5200 steps before noon: Speight Branch Greenway trail to SE Cary Pkwy and back, .5mi between Tryon and Pkwy ergo well over a mile total. Working in the college planning industry, I heard the stats regularly for 15 years, about how college tuition inflation was outpacing general inflation 3:1 or more. This hyperinflation of college costs has been going on since at least the early 80s. So when the Sanders Institute emailed about a Levy Institute study called "The Macroeconomic Effe... (...more)
tue posted: Tue 2018-02-06 06:25:16 tags: n/a
Watched "Gangs of New York" last night. Mental Floss: 13 epic facts about GoNY Linked checking to fund that IRA acct TIL NC is a "common law" state, not "community property" (FL was also "common law") Marrying a partner who has debts does not mean their debts automatically become mine too Generally, non-comm-prop states honor distinctions between "my", "their", and "our" (joint) property ... (...more)
mon posted: Mon 2018-02-05 06:08:36 tags: n/a
Watched a few eps of "Philip K Dick's Electric Dreams" last night ("Real Life", based on "Exhibit Piece"; "AutoFac"; and "Human Is"). Curious about how one would go about lawfully re-acquiring Dick's oeuvre in digital formats, I found "Exhibit Piece", for example, is downloadable in Kindle format for 0.99. Assuming the 44+ novels could be bought for $7 each and the ~122 short stories for a buck each, then the total is $430ish. In 1990, his collected short and medium fiction sold in 7 volumes for $15 per vo... (...more)
sun posted: Sun 2018-02-04 06:38:14 tags: n/a
Left the house before coffee yesterday, much less vitamins, so I'm catching up today. If Sunday is the Lord's day then Fri-Sat is when I'd want to schedule sheet and pillowcase rotation, and little housekeepy things like wipe out the microwave, polish up the stove etc. Visited St. Christopher's in Garner for their 10:30 service. This was a small "mission-status" congregation with only 25-35 in attendance on a typical Sunday, up considerably from the beginning of Fr. David's vicarage ~2 years ago. ... (...more)
sat posted: Sat 2018-02-03 13:17:46 tags: shopping, recipes
Aimed for Flying Biscuit but they and Tupelo Honey had waits an hour or more, so we ended up at Big Ed's for breakfast. Farmers Market for eggs (free range, 2 dozen for under $8) and got sold some wine and Blenheim's hottest ginger ale. I thought I heard it was a NC product but it looks like their main production is at the "South of the Border" complex, which is also owned by the Schafer family that owns Blenheim. Weird rabbit trail, that. Sifted through the product docs and packaging to weed it out som... (...more)