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sat posted: Sat 2019-06-01 10:11:02 tags: finance
Pics for church directory State farmer's market for eggs Target for topical analgesic On 2015-10-21 I bought 14 shares of JNK at 36.51/share, i.e. $511.14. This dividended $104.82 as of the JNK reverse-split 3:1 on 2019-05-06 that I just discovered in my retirement funds review tonight. I was spanked by the broker with a $38 reorg fee and received $71.75 cash in lieu of the 2/3 fractional share. Post-split JNK last traded at 106.15, so market value of my 4 shares is 424.60. 424.60 + 104.82 + 71.75... (...more)
mon posted: Mon 2019-05-27 07:04:21 tags: n/a
Not only does the county library system not lend DVDs, they don't even participate in Kanopy. Emailed my county commissioner to inquire "what would it take" to change these policies. A few months back, from a BusinessInsider article, I learned that Amazon selectively bans erotica offerings. So, for example, Ken Follett has some modest literary cred, so his "Kingsbridge" series flies despite its recurring theme and graphic scening of sexual assault. For that matter, de Sade's "Justine" or "120 Days of ... (...more)
sun posted: Sun 2019-05-26 04:08:32 tags: n/a co-opted the #resist hashtag early on, unfortunately they have essentially deflected it into a book club. The line "I thought I saw a rainbow but I guess it wasn't true" (Supertramp, "Child of Vision") might be the most enduringly heartbreaking lyric in classic rock. * * * Ain't Mew Proud to Beg I know you wanna feed me And I refuse to leave my bowl If I have to whine and plead for Chicken of the Sea I don't mind, coz I have no dignity * * *... (...more)
fri posted: Fri 2019-05-24 05:26:08 tags: n/a
Last night's movie pick was "Exit Through the Gift Shop" (2010) about an L.A. amateur videographer's journey into the innermost circles of street art, where he eventually meets the especially elusive artist Banksy. I fell asleep for the usual reason, being tired, not because the movie was unworthy of attention. Would like to follow up with "Saving Banksy" and I think there's another couple movies where Banksy directed or influenced production. New health plan kicked in. I'm seeing a whole $15 and chan... (...more)
wed posted: Thu 2019-05-23 05:27:25 tags: n/a
Sometime in NY I think is when Miss got curious about the 1990 movie made from Stoppard's "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead". So last night we prepped with the 1990 movie version of Hamlet with Mel Gibson. I think some of the source material was sacrificed - where was Fortinbras? And probably other bits I missed. Also, I don't think Shakespeare's text explicitly has Ophelia reciting suggestive songs at every turn, but maybe it's traditonal or implied in the stage direction notes. Since obviously th... (...more)