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thu - The Tools posted: Thu 2018-05-24 05:02:50 tags: books, unfinished
Goodreads tracks my Kindle activity and emails me when I finish a book. Hint: they want you to submit free content, aka a review, on their site. Turns out the email is personally useful to me though, because I do want to say something about Stutz + Michels's "The Tools" (here, not on Goodreads) and procrastinating on that is last thing between me and Inbox Zero this morning. NYT: The Tools as it applies to writers Take-aways: Joseph Campbell, Robert McKee’s "Story" and Twyla Tharp’s "Creative Habit... (...more)
tue posted: Tue 2018-05-22 05:03:07 tags: n/a
Gottman's largest predictor of marital endurance: positive attention There was another video that didn't really deliver on its "cure for loneliness" come-on, but its use of the phrase "toxic masculinity" stirred some thoughts. We have a good, concise word that basically means the same thing as "toxic masculinity": machismo. I wish more people would use it as a briefer synonym. So what typifies non-toxic masculinity? Courage and responsibility spring to mind; but those are perfectly admirable feminine tr... (...more)
sun posted: Sun 2018-05-20 14:43:34 tags: n/a
Paid cable interwebs and that's all the monthly utilities \o/ Watched The Golden Compass, Miss felt it lacked closure and was hard to follow. I reckon we probably just didn't pay close enough attention to a couple of scenes, plus impenetrable UK accents sometimes. Hummingbirds are hitting the feeder regularly since I noticed one buzz the porch early yesterday, whereupon I promptly filled and re-hung it. Deadpool 2 - while still as much an off-color, fourth-wall-shattering comedy as 1, it also manage... (...more)
sat posted: Sat 2018-05-19 08:19:50 tags: n/a
Paid washer/dryer rental Car note payment Paid electric Fri: went in 1/2 hour early to hobnob with the controller over discrepancy reconciliation and my future. When I'm peeling myself out of bed an hour early, it feels like an extra $20 in my paycheck isn't worth it; but if you multiply by 5 workdays/week, it's $100 after taxes, and if you multiply that by 50 workweeks/yr, it's $5000. (Because figure there whould be 2 wk/yr where you get paid vaycays but no OT.) So is it worth $5000/yr to add an ... (...more)
sun posted: Sun 2018-05-13 06:54:23 tags: healing
Another big theme in A.I. was the parent-child bond. Rather than over-explicate, suffice it to say it stirred some challenging feelings so close after the 1-year mark since Mom passed, and right before Mothers Day at that. Mothers Day was difficult last year. I suppose it will always be a little sad, but already not achingly so. Mom would not want us kids to get too mired in grief. How do you not get mired in grief? "Emotional resilience" sounds great but what does it mean? It's a constellation of cogni... (...more)