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mon posted: Mon 2019-04-01 18:40:10 tags: n/a
Polled all the investment accounts and filled in March start/end balances

Logged in to the financal planner's cashflow portal and poked around until I figured out how to link and poll credit accounts. Categorization is still manual though, ergo overwhelming to categorize a whole quarter's transactions.

sun posted: Sat 2019-03-30 21:03:25 tags: n/a
My friend Klaus used a spreadsheet as a taskminder. The concept is, you enter each task (recurring or not) or bucket-list item, and re-sort them by priority or immediacy regularly as they're completed or scheduled to recur. If you can ballpark a time-to-complete, then you should be able to get pretty refined about scheduling. I've been toying with the idea lately as an alternative to the scattered Keep jots, blog, scraps of handwritten notes etc. I keep meaning to line up with the financial planner's ... (...more)
sat posted: Sat 2019-03-30 06:43:50 tags: n/a
2nd highest-rate student loan SLAIN []++++||=======> next victim: Miss's car loan rent paid Apr household expenses tallied and negotiated dishwasher ran credit account statement balances paid Castle Age: favor points make me happy; Gen. Annika unlocked to L80 Cookie Clicker: a duketater is growing here emptied dishwasher quick vacuumed around kitchen, front entry and laundry rm fon paid too because hey why not refilled hummer feeder I was thinking about how Miss and I could better review ... (...more)
fri posted: Thu 2019-03-28 18:29:45 tags: n/a
Last night: 2018 fed and state taxes e-filed thru CreditKarma \o/ wooooo

Empty litter genie
Unload dishwasher, rinse dishes and reload dishwasher

LinkedIn "news": Can Procrastination Be Put Off?

thu posted: Thu 2019-03-28 05:27:15 tags: n/a
yesterday: Cookie Clicker: unlocked Ichor Syrup; started breeding Queenbeets on Duketater cookie path a++ salad flea/tick/heartworm treatment to LeMew Started watching "The Great Escape" (1963, based on historical events). The Wikipedia article says it takes place in occupied Poland in 1942. For reference, the war began in 1939 with the invasion of Poland, the U.S. entered the war Dec 7, 1941 with the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and VE day was in May 1945. So these Americans with their records of 12+ e... (...more)