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dry bean experiments III posted: Sat 2012-05-12 12:45:44 tags: what I'm eating
Last time, I went with 4 cups water for the "quick soak", which resulted in a mournful pour-off of some deliciously rich, meaty-smelling bean broth before rinsing and cooking. This time I put the dry beans in cold water and vaguely rubbed them through my fingers. Same as last time, but the idea is to hopefully release and rinse away some of the oligosaccharides, which won't happen between the soak and cook stages this time, so it was extra important to get that quick rinse in up-front. Drained and p... (...more)
daylog posted: Fri 2012-05-11 13:08:12 tags: daylogs
Up @7:30, coffee, vitamins, 30 hammer curls, guild got asswhupped by ODK, picked up rent funds, laid in a half-supply of powersauces, egg+cheese and a toasted buttered sun-dried tomato bagel for brunch, sushi for lunch.

deduping in Access 2000 posted: Fri 2012-05-11 09:35:14 tags: tech
Let's say you have an Access 2000 table, one field of which is email addresses, and due to the nature of the data collection, you have some email addresses entered multiple times. And you want to send a message to all your email contacts, but obviously you don't want to send to the same address more than once. So you need to do what's known in the industry as deduplication, or "deduping". If your data set is small enough, you can do it manually. First you'd query the table: SELECT, Co... (...more)
session 102 posted: Thu 2012-05-10 14:49:46 tags: fitness
25 hammer curls to start the day. (i.e. 25 each side, of course)

Session 102: 4mi / 57m50s. 1mi / 6.1mph, cooldown, 1mi at 5.5mph, cooldown, mixed speeds and cooldowns including .5+ lap / 8.5mph, finish w/1.5 laps / 6.5mph. 575 kcal burned at 188#; weigh-out 189#.

30 hammer curls to finish the day. That's about my limit, excelsior and whatnot.

session 101 posted: Tue 2012-05-08 18:09:59 tags: fitness
30 hammer curls before I showered this morning 4.0 mi / 56 minutes, ~540 kcal reportedly burned at 180# - but on weight-out, I found I'm more like 190#. Which doesn't surprise me, really - just buckling my belt the past couple days, it's obvious my weight has snapped back a bit. While I was making a mental day plan this monring, I was pretty sure I would hit the gym, and the gym is often followed by a Subway treat, but I resolved to do the $3 On-Cor lasagna in the freezer, instead of spending the $5 ... (...more)