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yerba mate and jquery autocomplete posted: Wed 2012-08-15 01:57:47 tags: tech, what I'm eating
For a long time I was sourcing yerba mate from Nakava here in town. Instant coffee was ultimately cheaper, much easier and didn't involve a trip to the Nak'. But I do love yerba mate, so it was a very happy accident that I stumbled across several brands at Western Beef. Pennyroyal as an ingredient turned me off, so first we're trying the Sabor Suave Rosamonte. It's comparable to Nakava's, possibly even a bit stronger. I'll have to double-check the price next time because I think they overpriced me a buck a... (...more)
silence to anger posted: Sun 2012-08-12 10:32:21 tags: dreams
Slept very late, more than 10 hours all told. One dream stuck in my head though I'm sure there were more - I was following Dave to his family's vacation house in Pennsylvania, and Mark was with us. Maybe we started out all together; maybe there were more people with us and we got shuffled. At some point we stopped and Dave moved on without us but I had a car. I asked Mark if he knew the way and he obviously heard me, he looked at me in a vaguely flinch-y sort of way, but he wasn't answering. Not that quest... (...more)
I love Saturday posted: Sat 2012-08-11 06:50:09 tags: daylogs
Twice now I've found wine-enhanced dishes repeat on me, threatening a winy reflux in the wee hours. First time I chalked it up to the inappropriately sweet character of the moscato. My tummy also still hasn't been quite right since the last Pizza the Hutt encounter, so I'm not quite sure if it's just sensitive or what. Feeling quite a bit less down after having propelled myself onto the treadmill Thursday. I hope to catch a session today before it gets too hot out, as obviously either they have chro... (...more)
beans 3.1 posted: Fri 2012-08-10 14:35:28 tags: what I'm eating
Picked up a bottle of Turning Leaf 2010 chardonnay for this weekend's reboot of the bean stew recipe. There's a very favorable Youtube wine review vid from Thumbs Up Wine, if you trust two guys in t-shirts to make wine recommendations for you, that purports this is a $6 wine that drinks like a $10 wine. Which tells me - good enough for my bean stew! I was advised to look for an "unoaked" chardonnay, and the review's mention of "vanilla" notes tells me this is oaked, but I stared at the grocery shelf for qu... (...more)
lentils + rice posted: Wed 2012-08-08 17:46:21 tags: what I'm eating
Can't be arsed to "sort", measure into mixed portions, soak and cook 4 bags of assorted beans this time of night, so I'm just doing some rice and lentils. Specifically, the Riceland rice, because it's so incredibly cheap and I really want to believe that with careful cooking, it can turn out fluffy and well-behaved, instead of a gummy mass stuck to the pot. And if this turns out to be a pipe dream, then that's that much less Riceland rice I have left to get rid of. Double recipe to 4 cups water : 2 cup ... (...more)