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session 85 and omega-6:3 data posted: Sun 2012-03-18 14:09:31 tags: fitness
(per twitter) session 85: 3.3mi / 36m54s. 1mi at 6.1mph, another 1mi at 6.0, cooldown, finished the rest at 6.1. Rawr! I'd kind of hoped to hold up that 6+mph pace for the whole course and at least finish the 3-mile base at 30 minutes, but around 2.09 miles I was just too overheated. I believe just a wee bit of airflow around the cardio area would improve my record significantly. I keep fantasizing about a small fan to clip on the flat-panel TVs in front of the treadmills. Invested in some dish soap ... (...more)
running as hobby, and USMC PFT posted: Sat 2012-03-17 07:42:13 tags: fitness
If you told me a year ago that I'd become a running hobbyist, I'd have laughed. Even when I opened my gym membership, my thinking was "I'm not looking to become a 'runner', just competent while I train my cardio fitness". Very little equipment is required; if I decided tomorrow to close my gym membership, I could still run. Then I ran a couple 5Ks, and got a pair of "real" running shoes, and now I find myself looking for meetups to connect with the local running community. There's a 5K at Tradewinds Par... (...more)
session 84 posted: Fri 2012-03-16 10:47:15 tags: fitness
Stuff I got done other than working out and clienttiem: set up online access to my credit union account; transcribed a few pages of handwritten journals into the digital archive; vacuumed. Took a rest from working out yesterday, got into teh gym for the lifting part of the working-out ~11:45 today, with my blood sugar presumably far past the spike from a 9:45ish PowerSauce bar. Did 3 abbreviated circuits (cutting out chest press, ab crunch, arm extension and lat pulldowns) for endurance, one level be... (...more)
sessions 82, 83 posted: Wed 2012-03-14 18:08:11 tags: fitness
I tweeted session 82, but apparently I spaced on mindfiring yesterday's gym sessions. Plural, yes, because it's nice to do a couple sets on the Cybex gear during the day when it's not busy, and then come back in the evening for treadmilltiem somewhat fresher than if I went straight from lifting to running. So nice, in fact, that I did that both yesterday and today. Lately I've stepped up to 110# on leg curls, and 250# on squat press. 250 is not much different from 230, and I can do 20 reps on my first s... (...more)
session 81 posted: Sun 2012-03-11 16:33:04 tags: fitness
Session 81 (per twitter): 3.3mi / 35m33s - best time by 2.5 minutes. 2.2mi at 6.1mph, ~1.5 lap cooldown, finish at 6.1 \o/ So much for "clean eating" - dinner last night and breakfast today consisted of Pizza Hut pizza and buffalo chicken nuggets. To carb up about an hour before I committed to hitting the 'mill, I sucked down a can of apricot "nectar", which is basically 200 calories of HFCS plus some vitamin C. For the past couple months, roughly, I've been guesstimating my weight for treadmill purp... (...more)