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beans 2: the new batch posted: Thu 2012-06-14 18:14:02 tags: what I'm eating
q.v. batch 1 1. Costing beanpriceozcups Conchita great northern1.41 12 2.75 Iberia chickpeas 1.59 12 2.0 Pubilx pintos 1.69 16 3.25 Iberia black 1.09 12 2.25 2x Pubilx lentils 1.39 16 3.5 Total: 8.56 84 17.25 I ended up with more beans (by weight and nominal dry measure) for less money. I also decided to depart from my usual rice selection, namely Success "family size" boil-in-bag brown rice at $4.19/32oz box, in favor of Iberia long grain brown rice, at $1.57/2# bag. From there it w... (...more)
NYC and wedding recap posted: Tue 2012-06-12 21:39:55 tags: daylogs
Wednesday: departed FLL ~12:45, connection in ATL, arrived IAD ~5:45? Dinner: Genghis Grill. Mixed a fish, citrus and spicy mix that worked out very nicely with a Guinness. This would be a great deal if it was AYCE, but it's not. For the size of the bowl they give you to fill with stuff to grill, it's a so-so value. Dollar for dollar I think I prefer IHOP, Chipotle or Five Guys. I think they need a second pricing tier for cafoni like myself who would happily scarph down 2 bowls. Thursday (1/3): On the ... (...more)
a year of mindfire reloaded posted: Mon 2012-06-04 14:15:10 tags: phosphoros, tech
The mindfire blolg went live on 2011-06-06, I joined the gym on 2011-06-17, and the Phosphoros code base has been at a "good enough" 1.0ish state since around 2011-08-12. I never announced a "Phosphoros 1.0"; the last version-related entry was pre-1.0 cleanup. I also have nothing significant in my offline journal after 08-11, where I mentioned some concern about portability. On 08-20 I was fiddling with a "hidden entry" flag icon, and a bit later I made passing mention of wishlist functionality for tags, a... (...more)
banking crap posted: Mon 2012-06-04 10:30:53 tags: daylogs
Had to happen sooner or later... As of August, Smells Fartgo will institute a $5 monthly fee on accounts with balances under $1500. I saw this coming when they snapped up Wachovia. The credit union thing, good in principle, is inconvenient in practice: 6 mi round-trip out of my way, every time I need to make a deposit or withraw cash - or else pay out an ATM fee on every cash withdrawal, e.g. $2.50 at Pubilx Presto ATMs. 3x per month or more, I may as well eat WF's monthly fee. HuffPo had an article... (...more)
obit posted: Wed 2012-05-30 11:49:08 tags: daylogs
RIP Mitch Wahrman ✡

Mitch would have turned 69 on Nov. 16th.