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Late last week and through the weekend I had a borderline scratchy throat, but I couldn't tell for sure if it was allergies or a looming cold or just an odball thing from an exceptional night of snoring. Yesterday it peaked and I was almost sure I was coming down with a cold. God bless prescient 2011 me for stocking some beef boullion, and March 2012 me for pulling that part of my kitchen kit out of storage, because a) drinking cold drinks on a sore throat is contraindicated and b) guzzling coffee all day ... (...more)
reCAPTCHA redux posted: Fri 2012-04-13 12:45:31 tags: tech
If you Google "recaptcha", the second suggested search-term expansion is "recaptcha cracked". This mainly leads to a fluffy article that pits one field expert's assertion that reCAPTCHA can be cracked, against Google's rebuttal that the crack demo is based on an outdated implementation of reCAPTCHA. This, dated January 2011, and some mid-year buzz from a handful of vBulletin operators saying they're suddenly getting a lot of successful spambot registrations through their reCAPTCHA wall - so either they wer... (...more)
session 98 posted: Thu 2012-04-12 17:12:02 tags: fitness
Session 98, part 1: 3 passes on the Cybex circuit just to get back in the swing. My last weight-lifting session was Tue of last week, and I'd described even that session as "suboptimal", so my expectations were low and I wasn't out to make it hurt anyway. arm curl: 10-12x 30# chest press: 12x 90# ab crunch: 12-16x 90# arm extension: 12x 50# row: 10-12x 70# / rear delt 10-12x 30# (3 alternating subsets on 2nd pass) leg curl: 12x 70# leg press: 12x 230# After some clienttiemz, I returned for a run.... (...more)
daylog posted: Thu 2012-04-12 08:01:30 tags: daylog, timex
Breakfast: maybe half a serving of Northland "berry berry maqui", which despite its label claims of "overflowing with antioxidants", provides 100%DV of C and maybe ~10-15%DV of A and E. At 30g of sugar per serving, it's pretty empty calories, so I won't be going that route again. Brunch: a powersauce because I was feeling seriously hungry, and I knew I wanted to hit teh gym, but I also knew that anything substantial I picked up in my travels was going to be too heavy to exercise on comfortably. Dropped... (...more)
daylog posted: Wed 2012-04-11 16:40:19 tags: daylogs
There's also a Fresh Market up that way (where the credit union branch was supposed to be), and I'd bet a patchoulli-reeking hippie they carry quinoa, so I'll have to check that out next time I'm up that way. A client approached me about implementing a CAPTCHA system on their web contact form. So there's another trick I'll be adding to my toolbox. Google Code has some resources, including reCAPTCHA, although reCAPTCHA is sometimes too difficult for actual humans so I'm not so sure I'll go that directio... (...more)