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daylog posted: Tue 2012-04-10 14:28:22 tags: daylog
1. The branch of my credit union that used to be caddy-corner across the intersection is now a different credit union branch. Boo. 2. The Pubilx by me doesn't carry quinoa. I asked a pack of stock clerks in the rice and beans aisle and none of them had even heard of it. Maybe at the big fancy Pubilx at the corner of Glades; they have a much bigger Greenwise section. (This shouldn't surprise me too much, since in the 3 months I've been shopping there, they also only once had the sausage variety of Jose O... (...more)
session 97 posted: Sun 2012-04-08 11:00:33 tags: fitness
session 97 (per twitter): 3.0mi at 6.1mph --> 29m14s. There's your 30-minute 5K, and Marine-class cardio fitness in one swoop. OORAH weigh-out: 187#. I got lazy about keeping up my fitness log spreadsheet, so I got that current just now. (While I think of it, it'd be handy to start logging weighs, wouldn't it?) Some stats of interest: I averaged a "gym day" per 2.92 days, probably more like 2.3-2.5 if you lop off my slow start in Jun-Jul 2011 and the 2-week Xmas break. Of these 97 recorded fitness sess... (...more)
first real cooking at cascade posted: Fri 2012-04-06 19:13:07 tags: what I'm eating
Brown rice and chickpeas for my first non-take-out, non-microwaved hot meal at Casa Cascade. Figure I moved in here Jan 12, so it's been a week short of 3 months that I haven't had a hot meal at home that wasn't microwave burritos, lean pockets, Subway, or lately, Pizza Hutt. Oh, and once I had an overpriced stromboli from the indie pizza place across the highway. For my next trick, I'll transition from chickpeas to pinto beans, and start adding in some frozen spinach and broccoli.
session 96 posted: Fri 2012-04-06 16:16:46 tags: fitness
After a large-ish sushi lunch which I didn't really finish til around 2PM, my client closed up for the Easter/Passover weekend early at 3PM. So in light of where I was, digestively speaking, when I got on the 'mill at 3:30ish, 3.3mi in 38m10s isn't bad at all. First mile at 6.3mph, a bit over 2.5 laps cooldown, and the rest (i.e., ~1.75mi) at 6.1mph.
Baby Doe's Beer Cheese Soup posted: Thu 2012-04-05 06:54:24 tags: recipes
From an recipe, via a FB friend, Brandy: Baby Doe's Beer Cheese Soup (not "Baby Does"... nobody doe's baby in a corner) 2 large bottle of Cheese Whiz 6 oz. Cornstarch 8 cups of milk, reserve two cups to mix with the cornstarch. oz Worchester sauce oz Tabasco sauce 1 lb bacon, diced, cooked, drained, about 16 slices. cup red onions sauted, two small or one large. 12 oz beer 6 tabs of chicken bouillon 1) Heat 6 cups of Milk in a double boiler warm, not boiling 2) W... (...more)