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mileage posted: Wed 2011-12-07 21:04:48 tags: fitness
session #44: 3.3mi / 42m05s - best 3.3mi time yet, by over a minute = session average 4.7mph. 5.0mph is getting "easy"; probably sometime before vaycay I will attempt 2 miles at that pace. I can do half-miles fairly routinely at 5.5-5.8ish. I've lost track of my one-lap limit but it's probably around 6.3-6.5ish; and top speed this session was 7.4mph for a half-lap. After the treadmill I hit the upper-body Cybex machines. First set, 12 reps / 50# on chest press, 6 reps / 50# on overhead press, 10 or ... (...more)
the paradox of abstinence-only sex ed posted: Wed 2011-12-07 14:21:56 tags: TWFTR
Science Daily: Abstinence-Only Education Does Not Lead to Abstinent Behavior

mileage posted: Sun 2011-12-04 17:25:45 tags: fitness
session #43: 43m08s, best 3.3mi time yet by ~45s. Set for 185# body weight, the treadmill estimated I burned close to 500 kcal. After a cooldown, I had "my" row of Cybex machines all to myself, as God intended. There are 5: Dual-axis chest press: pecs, anterior deltoid and triceps Dual-axis overhead press: shoulders Arm curl: biceps Arm extension: triceps Ab crunch: abs My ideal upper-body routine, when there aren't other patrons running interference, is to do a set of 6-12 reps, move on to the ... (...more)
that's a wrap posted: Sat 2011-12-03 15:33:40 tags: what I'm eating
La Banderita multi-grain soft taco tortilla: 104 kcal, 16%DV fiber, 5g protein (10%DV), 19g carb 1/2 cup (2 servings) "eggstirs" (pubilx store-brand "egg beaters"): 60 kcal, 12g protein (20%DV), 100%DV B2, semi-significant amounts of A, D, folate, B12 ...pan-cooked to a solid on minimal heat with a tsp of extra virgin olive oil (40 kcal) 2 oz extra sharp cheddar: 220 kcal, 14g protein (28%DV) ~1 tbsp California Sun-Dry tomato pesto: ...1 serving is 4 tbsp and nutrition per serving was negligible to s... (...more)
mileage posted: Fri 2011-12-02 16:35:11 tags: fitness
Session #42: 2.22mi / 30m, and if I'm not mistaken, a record 1.75mi of that was at a jog - a couple laps at 5.4mph, but that just wasn't sustainable, so I backed off to 4.9mph. And that was the magic speed for today. Another way of looking at it, over 20 minutes solid at an easy jog. Yay for purpose-built running shoes. Also, a couple sets on the upper body machines (except abs), but other patrons were in the way, so maybe I'll do some more focused machine time over the weekend. And for record-keepin... (...more)