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daylog posted: Sun 2012-07-15 09:14:59 tags: daylogs
bed betw 1-2, woke shortly before the alarm at 7:45, the usual breakfast, got bored with my most recent SMAC/AXF endgame and also bored with trying to spin up an accomodating new one. Castle Age: Bored with the pace of farming epic Life Force drops (11/18 now) from Jahannas that I can hit for about 750K damage per 100 stam from my ~500 max stam reserve, which replenishes at 10 stam/hour plus refill on level-up. Jahannas, I might add, which require 11 or 20M damage for 1 or 2 assured epic drops, of whic... (...more)
nature's little brooms posted: Sat 2012-07-14 15:49:01 tags: what I'm eating
Woke to discover I hadn't shut the fridge tightly before I went to bed, ergo everything in it was - not room temperature, but close. V8 tasted fine, smilk wasn't even opened yet and should be fine, 3 tortillas were fine in their zip bag, banana nut muffins fine, bean leftovers tasted fine, everything else is just drinking water or packaged/canned goods that I happen to prefer served cold... Except the carton of eggs I bought last night. That irked me, but on research I learned that refrigeration isn't all ... (...more)
beans 2.5 posted: Fri 2012-07-13 19:00:51 tags: what I'm eating
Revisiting the beans 2.4 procedure, which is pretty much perfect: Rinse and drain the sans-lentil mix 2 passes in cool water. In 2.25 cups fresh water and 4 shakes lite salt, bring to a boil, remove from heat, let quick-soak (at least) 1 hour. Gently mix in a splash of olive oil, a couple more shakes of lite salt, a cup each frozen broccoli cuts and chopped spinach, 2/3 cups lentils, and 2 cups water. Simmer ~30 minutes. Portioning issues: Pubilx chopped spinach is slightly more dry volume per bag t... (...more)
session 120b posted: Fri 2012-07-13 16:45:29 tags: fitness
Breakfast: the usual, plus a few mouthfuls of V8 before I left the house. Lunch: a slice of bacon/garlic pizza from Nick's in east Deerfield Bch. Dunno why we got a couple pizzas delivered, but delivered we got, and far be it from me to turn down a free slice of pizza. Good timing since I didn't get anything Checkers-y or Dunkin-ish on the way in. Pre-workout snack (~4PM): a chocolate powersauce and some water. Session 120b: half-lap warmup at 3.3mph, the rest of 4.0mi at 5.1mph solid. I kept exp... (...more)
session 120a posted: Thu 2012-07-12 11:37:29 tags: fitness
Breakfast: the usual, plus at least a couple servings of smilk for the protein and potassium. Not that I really need a whole lot of protein, I had a lot yesterday. Weigh-in: 197#. Session 120a: 1/2 lap at a 3.3mph walk, slightly less than 2.5mi at 5.1mph. At that point I thought I'd take a cooldown before finishing out a 4.0mi session, but I fumbled speed controls and accidentally tripped the emergency stop. So I hit the shower and resolved to return in the evening to finish out my "bonus" miles, maybe ... (...more)