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beans + quinoa posted: Tue 2012-05-01 12:09:38 tags: what I'm eating
Second encounter with the TrūRoots quinoa. This time I made a double recipe: 1 cup dry to 2 cups water, scaling back the boullion proportion with 1 rounded and one level ghetto teaspoon of chicken boullion. Per package directions: bring to a boil, lower to simmering 15 minutes, let stand 5 minutes and fluff. This came out MUCH softer than the first time, maybe because the double recipe effectively halved the ratio of evaporation surface to cooking volume. Scaling back the boullion was a good move ... (...more)
1. Costing beanpriceozcups Conchita great northern1.41 12 2.75 Pubilx chickpeas 2.19 16 2.5 Iberia pintos 1.39 12 1.75 Diana black 1.33 12 3 2x Diana lentils 1.37 12 3 Total: 9.06 76 16 2. Cleaning: Sort by hand, or spread in a single layer in a flat bottom vessel to find and remove any sticks/stones. Cover with water - any insects will float. (In 16 cups of dry beans I didn't find any visible surprises, and we'll rinse the dry beans prior to soaking in step 4.) 3. Portioning: Divi... (...more)
Wolf Song, and google cache weirdness posted: Sat 2012-04-28 07:42:41 tags: books, tech
When I was in high school I had this idea that basically, screw college! I was going to write swords-and-sorcery novels and/or RPG material. I might never be the next Stephen King or (as Dad put it) "write the great American novel"; but I'd heard repeatedly "do what you love and the money will follow", and genre fiction and RPGs were what I loved. Looking back, I realize that was adorably naive of me; very few writers (e.g. Raymond Feist) surface successfully from diving in with neither life experience nor... (...more)
everywhere I go kids throw rocks posted: Fri 2012-04-27 01:17:29 tags: n/a
Remember that Bryan Adams song, (everywhere I go,) Kids Wanna Rock? Me either. I mean, I remember that little bit of the breakdown, but the rest of the song is eminently forgettable. It appeared on the 1984 album "Reckless", and on a B-side (not "the" B-side) of "Summer of 69" - arguably the most entertaining part of which was the coda where the song is being padded out to radio time, and one of the last things you hear out of his mouth is " an' my baby in '69" Whereupon the popular imagination nat... (...more)
1/2 cup TrūRoots dry quinoa, in the green resealable bag, to 1 cup water and 1 rounded tsp Maggi chicken boullion. Bring to a boil, cover and let cook on low 15m. One 12-oz bag is 7 servings. 1/4 cup is 1 serving. So, the half-cup-dry recipe makes 2 servings. 1 serving provides 170 kcal, 16%DV fiber, 5g protein, a little calcium and 15%DV iron. Quinoa husks contain a natural insect repellent compound called saponin. I described the Pereg "Alla' Italian" mix as carroty - not in a bad way, just no... (...more)