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Bruckner Sym. Nr. 8 posted: Sun 2012-01-29 13:48:06 tags: n/a
Damn, Bruckner. Long symphony is long.
mileage posted: Sun 2012-01-29 05:56:18 tags: fitness
Something woke me at ~7AM... there's a motorcyclist or 2 in the 'hood and they're out with their loud tailpipes every morning at the same time. Coffee, vitamins etc. by 7:30, spotted and disposed of my first cockroach here (it was inevitable, wasn't it? I guess 1 in 3 weeks isn't too horrible, compared to Casa Cucaracha), dressed and out by 8AM. Scoped out the McD's a bit south on the other side of 441 to see if they have wifi, but I didn't see any wifi or McCafe signage. I suppose I could have hooked up ... (...more)
session 60 posted: Sat 2012-01-28 16:53:36 tags: fitness, daylog
I didn't traumatize anything with Wednesday's record-time treadmill session, but my inner thigh (adductors) sure felt it all day Thursday. Googling reveals that the adductor is the muscle involved in the sort of injury commonly known as a "pulled groin". I'm sure that's not as sexy as it sounds. I'd been frustrated and feeling stuck on the wrong side of the 40-minute "wall". Intellectually, I knew my session times weren't a fair or relevant measure of progress, because I'd been focusing on pushing throu... (...more)
mileage posted: Wed 2012-01-25 16:28:59 tags: fitness
session 59: 3.3mi / 38m06s, all 5.5mph except a 1-lap cooldown at 2mi.
hotel detectives was all posted: Tue 2012-01-24 22:48:13 tags: dreams
dreamed little chris and somebody else and I were at a hotel party and we went outside for something - when we came back the hotel security were all up in our shit until we broke out the real estate and packed some bowls