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session 110+111 posted: Mon 2012-06-18 17:07:21 tags: fitness
(per twitter) session 111: 4.0mi / 52m42s (or was it 53m43s? dgaf) 1mi / 5.6mph, cooldown, 1mi / 5.4, cooldown, 1mi / 5.6, cooldown, .5mi / 6.7. 632kcal. Weighed out at 191, but the kcal is based on 195. One of those miles must have actually been .75mi, because cooldowns were all .25 mi... And obviously, 1 + .25 + 1 + .25 + 1 + .25 + .5 is over the 4-mile mark. Probably a month or more since I stopped in Subway after the gym, because I got out of the habit of showering at the gym. I think the franchi... (...more)
jusched posted: Sun 2012-06-17 11:07:53 tags: tech
Comcast's high-sped product is being an annoying twat today, dropping packets and being slow and choppy in general. That always puts me in the mood for a little tweak-freaking. Today we're going to talk about the Java Update Scheduler. In layman's terms, Java is an extension to the language of the interwebs that adds a lot of possibilities for fine-tuning website behavior and dynamics. When you see menus and boxes that slide gracefully around the page, when you see the CAPTCHAs that protect websites fro... (...more)
session 109 and beans 2.1 posted: Fri 2012-06-15 18:51:39 tags: fitness, what I'm eating
(per twitter) session 109: weigh-in 195#. 3.3mi / 42m53s: 1mi / 5.8mph, 1 lap / 7.7, mixed speeds finishing w/ 1mi / 5.6 between cooldowns. 509kcal Beans 2.1: Rinsed the 4-bean non-lentil mix, drained and added 2.25 cups fresh water and 4 shakes of lite salt. "Quick soaked": brought to a simmer, turned off heat and let sit an hour to cool. The planned cook stage would call for adding the 2/3 cup lentils, 1 cup each frozen chopped spinach and broccoli cuts, 2 cups water, and a couple more shakes of l... (...more)
beans 2: the new batch posted: Thu 2012-06-14 18:14:02 tags: what I'm eating
q.v. batch 1 1. Costing beanpriceozcups Conchita great northern1.41 12 2.75 Iberia chickpeas 1.59 12 2.0 Pubilx pintos 1.69 16 3.25 Iberia black 1.09 12 2.25 2x Pubilx lentils 1.39 16 3.5 Total: 8.56 84 17.25 I ended up with more beans (by weight and nominal dry measure) for less money. I also decided to depart from my usual rice selection, namely Success "family size" boil-in-bag brown rice at $4.19/32oz box, in favor of Iberia long grain brown rice, at $1.57/2# bag. From there it w... (...more)
NYC and wedding recap posted: Tue 2012-06-12 21:39:55 tags: daylogs
Wednesday: departed FLL ~12:45, connection in ATL, arrived IAD ~5:45? Dinner: Genghis Grill. Mixed a fish, citrus and spicy mix that worked out very nicely with a Guinness. This would be a great deal if it was AYCE, but it's not. For the size of the bowl they give you to fill with stuff to grill, it's a so-so value. Dollar for dollar I think I prefer IHOP, Chipotle or Five Guys. I think they need a second pricing tier for cafoni like myself who would happily scarph down 2 bowls. Thursday (1/3): On the ... (...more)